Nov 7, 2010

Stuff you can make out of paper

 I have always wanted to make a paper bowl.  I think I'll use photos from an Anthropology magazine then use it to put my keys and spare change in. 

 Empty Walls?   Use vintage magazine adds and a blank canvas to make your own original artwork.   Easy and fun to do!

Make a bowl from recycled magazines

Make a box out of playing cards.

A paper Basketball hoop and Basketball

A pop up Christmas card.

Bookmarks out of vintage fabric.

Fold some paper stars.

 Make a tissue paper collage.   Don't you love the colors!   It would be beautiful hanging in a window.

 Make a gift bag out of newspaper

Make a tiny mans dress shirt and tie out of a dollar. 

and if you get stuck, here: 

A mini bunting birthday card. 

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