Nov 8, 2010

Easy indoor activities to do with your child today

All you need is masking tape and a flat floor surface

 Ribbon Wand 

All you need is a long ribbon or fabric a cardboard tube.
Put on some music and dance together.

Decoupage flower vases

All you need are baby food jars,  Mod Podge, brushes and tissue paper

Animal Pull Toys

3 year olds will LOVE this idea - I promise

All you need is a shoe box, tape, string or yarn, cardboard or paper for the head.
Let them pull around their toy and gather items around the house.
Play a counting and color game by asking them to get - (example) 3 red items. etc. 

Tin Can Telephones
All you need is - 2 tin cans, string, tape

Dress Up Drawings

All you need is fabric, scissors, paper, glue or tape

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