Nov 8, 2010

Christmas crafts you can make with your kids

Paper Angel Ornament 

What you'll need - coffee filter, cotton ball, ribbon, pipe cleaner, scissors, and a hot glue gun

Santa's Beard Christmas Card

What you'll need -  Red and cream colored cardstock, large white artificial flower, 2 black brads, 3-D pearl white fabric paint, pink chalk, double sided padded tape, pencil, white glitter, scissors, hot glue gun, pattern

 Pinecone Snowman

What you'll need - Pinecone, white, blue and black craft paint,
1 brown, and blue pipe cleaner, 2 med. blue pom poms, light blue felt,
blue scrap fabric, 2 med. white glittery pom poms, 2 toothpicks, 2 jumbo craft sticks, snow texture medium, hot glue gun, scissors

Potato Chip Can Santa

What you'll need - 1 chip canister, red,white,black and peach felt, cotton balls, 1 large white pom pom, 1 jumbo craft stick, silver pipe cleaner, 2 eyes, 1 small pink pom pom, hot glue gun, scissors

Tissue Paper Wreath

What you'll need - construction paper, green/red/blue and orange tissue paper, craft glue, scissors, pencil

 Paper Cone Christmas Tree

What you'll need - green paper, wooden doll pin and stand, gold or brown paint, 2 gold sequins, white glitter glue, white craft glue, clear tape, scissors

 Christmas Candy Cane Card

What you'll need - white card stock, white and red glitter, 3-D red and white fabric paint, 1" red ribbon, thin black marker, paper scissors

 Crepe Paper Christmas Stockings

What you'll need - pencil, crepe paper, sheer fabric, straight pins, sewing machine, decorative scissors, M&M's, stapler, ribbon, festive stickers

 Reindeer Christmas Straws

What you'll need - Candy cane, brown felt, pencil, scissors, non toxic glue, brown or red craft pom poms, black felt, hole punch, rustic floral wire

 Paper Christmas Trees

What you'll need - Green cardstock paper, scissors, wooden skewers, wooden spools, gold beads, hot glue gun

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