Nov 15, 2010

diy Crate and Barrel Collette Upholstered Bed

The Colette Bed at Crate and Barrel is a great looking bed!
I love it.   You can buy it for $1,599.99 or
 you can build it yourself. 

will show you how.

Supplies to make a Queen Size bed

Qty. 4 :  1"x10" fir boards.   Two of these - cut to  80" and the other two cut to  61 1/2"
              These will be the sides, head and footboards.

Qty 4 :    5/4" x 4"  (aka five quarter board) fir boards that are 80" long.
               These will be your side and center support boards.

Qty 1 :    2" x 4" cut to 80"   (this is part of the center support)

Qty 14 :   1" x 3" fir board cut to 60"   (These will be the cross rails that support the mattress)

Qty 1:     4' x 8' x 3/4" MDF sheet - cut to 61 1/2" wide (this will be the headboard)

Qty 2:     1" x 4" - cut to 60" (part of the lower supports)

Qty 2:     1" x 3" - cut to 60" ( part of the lower supports)

You will also need -  Four heavy duty corner top plates (see photo below),  Four legs of your choice,   3" nut and bolt (see photo below), a wrench,  a hammer, electric drill and screw driver,  nails, liquid nails, screws, a measuring tape, metal yardstick, jigsaw, sander, one queen size foam mattress pad, two twin size foam mattress pad, 6 yards fabric of your choice, staple gun and staples, paper to design the headboard template.

This is the finished bed

Estimated cost:

$ 200  - wood, hardware and legs
$ 45    - foam mattress pads
$ 25    - fabric (6 yards at 4.00 per yard)

Labor - 12 to 15 hours

Visit A High Heeled Foot In The Door for the photo tutorial.

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