Nov 9, 2010

Creative Learning Activities for Kids

Nails, Screws and Cardboard Boxes

What you need -   A cardboard box, a screwdriver, a rock,  screws and nails. 

Look at the concentration on their faces!  Using tools provides great eye - hand coordination.

Here's the link

Sewing and Embroidery

Ages 4 to 6

What you need - Dollar Store drawer liner, colored yarn, a blunt needle, sharpie permanent markers.

Here's the link

Cut Paper - Wavy Weaving 

Ages 6 - 12

What you need - colored paper, cardboard, pencils, scissors, masking tape, glue sticks, tweezers

Here's the link

Build and Paint a Castle

Ages 3 to 10

What you need - toilet paper rolls, small cracker or cereal boxes, paint, scissors

Visit this link

Cut Paper Stand Up Self Portraits

Ages  3 - 6

What you need - colored paper, scissors, glue

Visit this link

Make a Cardboard Rainbow

Ages 3 to 6

What you need - cardboard, pencil, scissors, glue, colored paper

Visit this link

Look, Draw, Eat and Draw

Ages 5 to 10

What you need - paper, pencil, markers or crayons,

Visit this link

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