Dec 31, 2010

50 Free Crochet Patterns

Love to Crochet?   Looking for a new free pattern?   Visit Online Degree for 50 free Crochet Patterns.
Here is a sample of some of the free patterns.

Simple Water Bottle Cover Pattern to Knit

Shares her free pattern with all of us.   Visit her site for the free knitting pattern.

50 Free Knitting Patterns

Love to Knit?   Looking for a fun new pattern that's FREE?   Visit On Line Degree for 50 knitting patterns to download for FREE!
Here is a sample of some of the patterns-

Dec 29, 2010

Handmade Rag Rug Tutorial

Years ago I found an eight foot circular, handmade Rag Rug for sale at a craft store.   It was beautiful, unfortunately, it was also sold.   Since then I have often thought it would be fun to try and make my own.   Today I finally found a free tutorial.   It looks easy and fun to do.   Luckily, I still have my collection of scrap fabric.  I'll be giving this a try.   Visit Sugar Bee for the free Video Tutorial.

Keep Calm and Carry On Glass Tile Pendant How To

Here's a simple tutorial to make a glass tile pendant.   A Free PDF for the Keep Calm and Carry On image can also be found at Craft Bits.

How To Make Fairy Wings

My children and grandchildren love our dress-up basket.   Piled high with scarves and hats, long dresses and jewelry.   These fairy wings will make a perfect addition.   Visit Mommy Blessings for the free tutorial.   They will be fun to make.

( These would be perfect with ballet slippers - Click here for the link to the free ballet slipper tutorial)

How To Make Girls Ballet Slippers

Little girls love to dance, especially in ballet slippers.   Thank you Ikatbag for the free tutorial.   Now I can make them myself.   And so can you!   Visit Ikatbag here.

How To Make A Cardboard Pirate Ship

Every Tuesday is Art Tuesday at our house.   Eric and I get together and create.   Now I know what next weeks craft will be.    We'll make our own pirate ship out of the left over boxes from Christmas.   Free, fun creativity!   Combine the ship with some action figures and he'll have a great time! 

Thanks to ikatbag for the sweet tutorial and idea!   Visit ikatbag here


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