Sep 30, 2010

Corn Wagon Quilts

 Today I visited the Corn Wagon quilt shop in Springville.   Their materials are beautiful.  So much to inspire.   Here are some of their beautiful quilts

Babies would love to lay on this quilt and play with the ghosts.   
Great idea

Birmingham Festival of Quilts


Quilt While You're Ahead
 brightened my day by posting these beauties!
I think I'll start researching upcoming quilt shows through out the country

My favorite is between these two
what an adventure to design and plan


look at the machine quilting!

hundreds of pieces

Isn't that a crazy log cabin

I love the way they disobey the rules!

Quilts are amazing, to bad they take so much time to finish

Sep 29, 2010

Box Pull Toy Dog and Cat


What I love most about this toy is that the dog and cat
open up and things can be tucked inside. 
Children LOVE to gather and stow things away!

Made by Joel is one of the most amazing sites I've come across

Paper Grand Piano


Upon a Fold sells this paper piano kit

Embroidery with Children


Maya Made has how to instructions to teach your 4 to 5 year old how to embroider

Kirigami Fall Decorations


At Zakka Life you'll find directions and four templates to make these Kirigami Leaves.


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