Nov 17, 2010

A Handmade Doll

Handmade Christmas Idea # 4

A handmade doll, stuffed with lambswool and finished with Mohair is so soft 
and loveable - softer than you can imagine. 

My sister made these sweet dolls.   After watching the tutorials linked on this blog 
which you can find here and here
she has fallen in love with the art of doll making

They are very very soft.  Much different than a store bought doll. 
A doll made by grandma or mom or even an aunt would be a cherished gift. 

After making some dolls we have learned the best places to purchase quality products 
and a few other tricks to doll making.

If you have additional questions leave me a comment or click on my photo on the 
sidebar where you will find my email - and I will respond!
Happy Doll Making!

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