Nov 14, 2010

diy Urban Outfitters Inspired Recycled Magazine Mirror

Urban Outfitter's is one of my favorite stores to shop with my daughter. 

There is a 70's retro feel which sends me back in time to memories long forgotten. 
Shoes and clothes I wore in 7th and 8th grade. 
Cool stuff that would look great with my Ikea collection.  
This recycled magazine mirror looks like something I could have picked up on my 
last visit to Gateway.   In fact I remember making paper beads, rings and chains
some time around 1975.   ( My sisters and I also folded gum wrappers into chains and
decorated our bedroom walls with candy bar wrappers.   Those were the days!

Thanks to Laura from Fleeting Thing and her easy-to-follow tutorial,
you and I can make an Urban Outfitters inspired, retro - recycled magazine mirror.   
I love it!   Inexpensive, easy and fun to make.

Visit Laura, her tutorial is great! 

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