Nov 19, 2010

Personalized Pillow Painting Kits

Handmade Christmas Idea #7

For just a few dollars you can make an art kit. 
Think about the person you want to make the kit for.   Do they have a favorite animal,
cartoon character?  What are their hobbies?   Then search online for a picture or if you're very 
creative sketch your own design with a pencil onto fabric.   I used white Denim fabric but you can use
any light color fabric you have.   Then use a permanent marker to go over the pencil lines.  

My inspiration for this idea came from here

And I thought - very clever, I can make my own for much less money.

This is the kit that I made for my grandson.   You will need to include
tempra paints or permanent markers, draw the design onto fabric and include one more
piece of fabric for the back of the pillow.  You will also need to include instructions on how
to finish the project, or offer to sew it for them when they are finished creating with paint or markers. 

This is how I made my snake pillow

First, mix tempra paint with water (not to much) and mix well

The above photo shows what the paint will do if you have too much water
The photo below shows what the paint will do with the proper water to paint ratio

After you have finished painting, cover the pattern with a thin cotton cloth
and iron on high heat to set the color.   When you are sure it is completely dry -
then wash in the washer with a junk towel in cold water
And dry in the dryer on high heat.

After you take it out of the dryer,  
Iron and then sew the front and the back together
leaving a small opening.  Stuff with poly filling
hand stitch opening closed and enjoy

If you make the snake I recommend making two - My older boys who 
are 11-years-old use them for pillow fights.  Make great weapons!

Eric, my grandson loves Lion King so he chose Simba

I googled coloring pages and found a drawing of Simba drawing here
(You will find many free downloads there)

Eric spent the morning painting and coloring.  
Come back tomorrow to see how we turn Simba into a PillowPet! 

Have Fun!

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