Nov 16, 2010

Felted Soap - Handmade

Handmade Christmas Gift Idea  #1

Just in time for Christmas, I'm going to feature - each day - Handmade Gift Ideas

There is a button on my side bar that you can click to find them easily, for future reference.

If there's someone you really care about, nothing say's you love them more than to give a handmade gift.

Gift Idea - Felted Soap 

I'm seeing it everywhere

These handmade soaps are wrapped in softly spun, naturally anti-fungal wool to create
an exfoliating, fragrantly lathering, long-lasting bathtime soap.   Similar to wrapping your soap in a washcloth and is naturally exfoliating. When the soap dissolves, reuse the pouf by making a small slit and slipping your own bar inside. 
This is a PERFECT handmade gift for children to make - with your help
It only takes about 15 minutes to complete each bar. 

What you'll need:  

A bar of soap, carded wool, a towel and a dish of hot water

Here is the How-To:

There are many places on the internet that sell wool roving - dyed in bright colors are my favorite
Each bar will be unique.   This site has a more complete tutorial and also sells the wool Here

1 comment:

Peggy Nyberg said... hi on the peglee site there are handmade felted bowls. fun to share and give as gifts.


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