Nov 10, 2010

Glowing Hurricane Glasses

I love these glowing candles and think they would be beautiful on our 
Thanksgiving dinner table.

So simple to make.

       Materials -    Assorted sizes hurricane glasses, tissue paper in assorted sizes, tape, votives

       Directions -  Cut 4 pieces of 20 by 26 inch tissue paper in half crosswise.   Lay flat on a work 
                            surface and make a 1 to 2 inch fold on the bottom of one piece.
                            Make a larger fold in another piece, and fit it into the fold of the first piece of paper.
                            Repeat the process with the remaining pieces of paper, making some folds thinner and 
                            some wider.
                            Wrap the tissue paper around hurricane glasses, and then secure with tape.   Place a
                            small votive candle in each.   Be sure wick is cut short and doesn't come in contact 
                            with the paper. 

Click on this link for a photo tutorial - 

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