Nov 15, 2010

Paper Toys- free to download

Lately I've been fascinated with paper crafts.   
In my searching I found this web site Paper Models

My kids and grandkids have enjoyed making things out of paper and cardboard.   
Last week I ran across this site with free pdf downloads.   At first I was hesitant because the entire site including assembly instructions are in japanese.   
I have since downloaded and printed several of the rooms and they are amazing.   The colors are clear and bright.  I used the photos on the website to see how to assemble each room.   
When you visit the website - click on the photos and look for the letters PDF to download.   
The rooms come with everything you see in the pictures and it's completely free.   
Here is just a sample of what you'll find.  This is a perfect activity for 8 to 11 year old kids to do on their own or younger children with a parent's help.

To preserve printer ink I downloaded the pdf files to my computer then saved them on a USB flash drive. Then I took the flash drive to a printing store (such as Fed Ex Kinkos) and had them print the pages onto cardstock.   Each room cost between $3 and $5.   You could also email the files to the print store.

You will also need scissors, an exacto knife, tape or glue.

Here is a completed room I found on flickr to give you an idea of the sizing.

Here is the link 

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