Nov 3, 2010

Decorate with Homemade Christmas Stockings

Kids will love to count down the days to Christmas
with this sweet treat-a-day calendar made from 
baby socks.

This is the best Advent Calendar idea I have come across!
Simple to make - hang festive holiday baby socks from a ribbon with clothes pins
tuck a small toy, notebook, colored pencils, stick of gum - My kids will LOVE this!

I also love that if I buy 12 pair of socks, I can make 2 advent calendars, 
hum, I wonder who I will be gifting it too?

Materials list and Instructions are here : 

Stockings made from sweaters
give the illusion of being knit by hand.

Print the basic stocking template here: 

Complete Instructions are here:

Stockings made from 9 inch or wider fringed scarves

Download the template and instructions here:

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